Frequently Asked Questions

Which social media platforms do you grow & is it organic methods?
Instagram, Twitter, Youtube & Onlyfans are the ones I can grow and yes everything is organic, there are no methods of paid adverts or shoutouts.
What is your background and experience?
Over 9 years of experience working with agency setups, doing the design work, branding and creative marketing for a number of global leading brands & influencers.
Have worked in London, Los Angeles, Zurich and Dubai. I now operate with this experience and skillset as a one-man consultancy where I carry out the work myself.
How many people do you work with monthly?
I only work with upto 5 influencers monthly. To give the best focus and attention with this type of work it requires time and analysis, meaning there are only a limited number a month that can be worked with.
What exactly can you do to make my online presence better?
I give you a professional and visual presence online that reflects your personality and style of content. A full branding identity for a consistant look across your socials. During the time working with me when you are releasing any new videos that you want to put focus on, I create hype material that brings more attention to this days before the release. The same thing for any sales, discount or offers you are running or planning to run. These are quality custom video advertising that can be used across IG stories or on Twitter feeds.
I provide custom websites that are built around you and your look taking into account the messaging and products/services you want to focus on for your customer based. You can view examples of some done here for clients:
Why should I work with you?
Simple, on top of the content and effort you are putting out there, with my experience and technical skillset, the potential for more conversion of visitors will be higher with a more professional and overall higher qualiy feeling encouraging users to build more trust with your content and platform.

Within my work is also creative services where every month I generate ideas and trends for your content with an organized approach. For example a new movie may be coming out in a month that alot of people are waiting for, I will find ways to jump on the hashtag and generate ideas for what you could potentially do to use such events and occaisions to your advantage in a realistic manner.

Longest client and achievement?
Worked for over a year with @miamalkova
When started working with her, her online accounts were all over the place. I advised on a new structure to her workflow. In that period of time her IG went from 2.2M followers to over 10M. This of course directly effected online revenue coming from other sources by 5X the amount from when we started working together.

Get in touch now if you are interested to take your online presence to the next level with me. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I will reply and also accordingly we can set up a quick call to go over anything before starting any work together.